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Polish wer. General Building and Artistical Servieces Company -Trzebski
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[Rozmiar: 16003 bajtów] I think my geratest achievement is putting my name in""Leksykon Artystów Plastyków i Twóców Rzemiosła Artystycznego Śląska"-Lexicon of Plastic Artists and Creators of Silezian`s Artistical Craft. It`s worth noticing that 90% of artists included there is already dead. My creation has also been described and photographed in book"Sobótka i okolice"-Sobotka and Neighbourhood. Besides theese 2 books I also had an interview which You can read in"Expres Wrocławski"-Wroclaw`s Expressfrom 8 august 2005. You can see theese positions after clicking on apriopriate picture. I`m also interested in growing pigeons, music and in winter I spend a lot of time skiing. [Rozmiar: 17670 bajtów] [Rozmiar: 61224 bajtów]
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